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Marketing Mastery Retainer

Consistent & Reliable marketing support to drive long-term growth & success

  • 1 h
  • 5,000 US dollars
  • Initial Call

Service Description

This retainer agreement marketing campaign package offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for businesses seeking ongoing marketing support and consultation. With a focus on long-term success and collaboration, it provides the resources and expertise needed to achieve and exceed your marketing objectives. Duration: 12 months (ongoing) Package Price: $5,000 per month 1. Monthly Strategy Sessions: - Monthly strategy sessions with dedicated account managers to discuss business objectives, review performance metrics, and plan upcoming marketing initiatives. 2. Content Creation and Management: - Creation of 15 pieces of high-quality content per month (blogs, articles, social media posts, etc.) aligned with the client's brand and target audience. - Content calendar development and management to ensure consistent and strategic content distribution across relevant channels. 3. Social Media Management: - Daily monitoring and management of social media accounts (up to 3 platforms) to engage with followers, respond to comments/messages, and maintain an active presence. - Creation and scheduling of social media posts, including custom graphics, videos, and copywriting. 4. Email Marketing Campaigns: - Design and execution of monthly email marketing campaigns, including newsletter creation, segmentation, A/B testing, and performance tracking. - Development of automated email sequences for lead nurturing, customer retention, and re-engagement. 5. Paid Advertising Management: - Management of monthly paid advertising budgets across various platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.). - Continuous optimization of ad campaigns to maximize ROI, improve targeting, and drive qualified leads and conversions. 6. SEO and Website Optimization: - Ongoing SEO audits and optimization of the client's website to improve search engine visibility, organic traffic, and conversion rates. - Regular monitoring and reporting on website performance metrics, including keyword rankings, backlink profile, and site health. 7. Monthly Performance Reporting: - Detailed monthly reports highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs), campaign results, and actionable insights for optimization and improvement. - Quarterly strategy reviews and recommendations for adjusting tactics based on evolving market trends and business goals.

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